We provide VAPT Audit Services for Web, Network, Mobile Applications, IoT Devices, Cloud, and Source Code Review.

Penetration Testing as a Service: Pricing

External Network Pentest

Exploit vulnerabilities in hosts accessible via the Internet

Web Application Pentest

Check whether any sensitive data is under risk of leakage

Mobile Application Pentest

Detect security holes in your mobile app

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

"We are, a prominent  Cybersecurity, VAPT testing and VAPT services provider in Chandigarh, is committed to assisting businesses in fulfilling their compliance obligations and safeguarding their data privacy, security, and intellectual property management. In today's landscape, marked by a growing number of cyber-attacks on mobile and online applications, it is imperative for enterprises to adopt proactive measures. Recent statistics underscore the pressing need for robust security measures, with approximately 70% of vulnerable applications falling victim to hackers. Failure to adhere to regulations can result in severe consequences, including penalties, license cancellations, and costly downtime. To mitigate these risks and ensure regulatory compliance, it is crucial for businesses to conduct comprehensive and timely vulnerability assessment, vulnerability scanning, and VAPT audits. Our extensive range of security audit solutions includes vulnerability scanning, Network Penetration testing, VAPT testing, risk assessment, network penetration testing, website vulnerability scanner, network vulnerability scanning and security compliance. We are also experts in Cloud penetration testing services, offering VAPT solutions like VAPT assessment, VAPT audit services, pen test providers, and more. Opt for our VAPT solutions for reliable and efficient security audits and testing. Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with you to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and enhance your overall security posture. As a trusted VAPT services provider in India, we take pride in delivering top-notch Managed Security services that cater to your network security needs, web application VAPT, mobile application VAPT, and managed security services."


What is Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS)?

Penetration testing as a service is a delivery platform that allows for a regular procurement of pentesting services. Thanks to PTaaS, clients can run pentests at affordable price even every single day to assure there are no code vulnerabilities.

What's the difference between a pen test and vulnerability scan?

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How is a penetration test conducted?

Penetration testing as a service (PTaas) utilises the tools, techniques and procedures used by genuine criminal hackers. Common blackhat pentesting methods include phishing, SQL injection, brute force and deployment of custom malware.

What happens after pen testing is completed?

After each engagement, the ethical hacker(s) assigned to the test will produce a custom written report, detailing and assessing the risks of any weaknesses identified plus outlining recommended remedial actions. A comprehensive telephone debrief is conducted following submission of the report.

How long does a pentest take?

The time it takes an ethical hacker to complete a pentest is dependent upon the scope of the test. Factors affecting pentesting duration include network size, if the test is internal or external facing, whether it involves any physical penetration testing and whether network information and user credentials are shared with Redscan prior to the pentesting engagement.

Will a pen test affect business operations?

A penetration test is conducted in accordance with the strictest legal, technical ethical standards. Tests are designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities while minimising the risk of disrupting business operations.

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